From the Father's Heart: He has broken the chains

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Dearly Beloved Son and Saint,

Do you know how loved you are? Can you begin to fathom the depth of the heart of God for your life, your well being, your destiny and future in Him? Yes, there is a war raging around us in the realm of the earth. A tugging between the flesh and the spirit, but if you submit in a complete surrendering to Him, to whom you belong, He will meet the depths of your heart and trusting spirit in Him.

With an urgency in our hearts we encourage you to rise up, stand up and be strong in your identity in God - the Maker which has known you before your birth, who breathed life into your bones and destined you as part of a body of faithful sons in the earth for a specific time such as this.

House of My Glory and those whom God has connected to us through divine connection, is an epicentre for the Kingdom of God in this Nation. An epicentre can withstand storms, is accustomed to being the focal point of raging fires, blowing winds and testing trails. It is the central point from which an eruption in the earth originates from... God is preparing His body, He has taken His soldiers and sons in the earth through a furnace and cleansing fire.

He has broken the chains. IT IS DONE. Again, rise up and stand firm in your identity in God.

Ps Peet

Let there no longer be any doubt in your mind regarding who He has called and created you to be. The Angel of the Lord goes before us to open the gate of that which held us captive in the past - all we have to do is run. Run freely - never looking back to the things of old. You are NOT what your past is trying to dictate to you. Run your race with a renewed and refreshed firm faith in Him, declaring and believing what no eye has seen and no ear has heard. God has spoken and nothing can stop or undo His life-giving words to His sons in the earth.

Be finely tuned into the soft whisper of God's voice, and simultaneously, when His voice roars like a thunderous sound over the earth. Yield your spirit to His voice.

Be strong. Be prepared. Be ready. Be bold.

It truly is time for a new and fresh commitment to God and to His work, which no man nor any circumstance will ever be able to stop. What He has destined will be fulfilled.

How glorious the Day of the Lord is!

We love you and praise God for the preciousness of your life!

Love always,

Pastor Peet and Sonette