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We are a generation, restored in truth and in purpose, maturing ministry in the body of Christ through the divine order from Father to Son

House of My Glory Vision

House of His Glory

House of My Glory is a non-denominational, full gospel church located in Centurion, Gauteng. Non-denominational indicates that we are not aligned with any particular church organization. Full gospel signifies that we believe that all the gifts, ministries, offices and doctrines recorded in the Bible are for the Church today.

We are passionate about the Holy Spirit and for the Spirit to lead each of us into our unique purpose and destiny as individuals, as well as the bigger body of Christ. We Honour God and love His people and our values as a family church endeavors to create an atmosphere for the presence of God to be tangible in whatever we do. We accept Jesus as the Way the Truth and the Life, and that salvation is only possible through Him.

Our Leadership

Dr Mark Hanby

Generational Father

Dr Mark HanbyDr. Mark Hanby is internationally known as a dynamic speaker and teacher of church government and order. Widely esteemed as a true apostle to ministry and the church at large, he has traveled the globe providing oversight and support to leadership in the Body of Christ. Dr. Hanby remains a powerful leading voice of spiritual revelation, revolution and reformation with a ministry spanning more than 5 decades.

Dr Roger & Karen Roth

Ministry Father

Dr Roger and Karen RothDr. Mark Hanby introduced Roger and Karen Roth to Pastor Peet and Sonette at his Ranch in Crossville, in the USA. They would later be divinely identified as their Father in Ministry.


Pastor Peet & Sonette van der Westhuizen

Senior Pastors

John DoeHouse of My Glory was an act of obedience to God by Pastor Peet and Sonette van der Westhuizen. Pastor Peet served several congregations in a capacity as youth and assistant pastor. In the early nineties he was involved in Youth ministry at Technichon Pretoria. At the completion of his national service in Thaba Tshwane, he stayed involved with our men in service in the capacity as Chaplain. Peet and Sonette served under the Chaplaincy Commission as an ordained minister of the Full Gospel Church of God in Southern Africa. They have a son called Pedri and a daughter, Odel.


Pastor Jacques Joyce Jordaan



John DoePastor Jacques and Joyce Jordaan have a daughter, Karia. They have been invovled with House of My Glory since its founding and continue to serve as sons in the house.